How can I get a tutoring job with no tutoring experience?


(Ensure you have strong grades)

Most parents or individuals seeking tutoring for their child want an individual whom can help their child exceed and excel at a subject, to help their kids understand their test's or exam's. If you have strong grades in a certain field, that means parents or individuals would highly consider you for a tutor if their child is having difficulty in that range of subjects. A High School Diploma doesn't necessarily guarantee a tutoring position, most parents will look more at the grades you sustained while in school, being a high school dropout doesn't mean you wont find work. If your grades are strong and you kept them fairly average, that could be what sets you apart from the rest. Edu Kingdom is very popular.

(Choose your students)

There are two types of students to choose from, depending on your teaching preference. Primary school, mostly revolving around young kids. Secondary School, revolving around teens and young adults. If you get along well with kids, primary school students would be the better pick for you. If your more in tune to shaping and molding the minds of our teens and young adults, Secondary School students is what you should choose.

(Advertise your services)

It is best to start with the people closest to you, they are the people whom will strongly consider you or recommend you to others. These people can include your family, friends, close neighbors or prior work colleague's. Once you develop a better trust with you first set of clients, you may start getting referred by them to other people interested. If none of those options work for you, there is always the option to apply online to one of the numerous websites that match tutors with students. If your concern is more focused around not being able to stand out in a crowd, posting in public forums is also a good way to get your advertising started. VCE tutors are also highly sought after, VCE is a school credential offered to student's in Australia for completing grades 11 and 12. This credential is looked at with interest, potentially showing clients that you had successfully completed high school and have a basic understanding of how work should be carried out.

(Start with competitive prices)

Do research to determine what the going market rate is for tutors, then set your's a little lower, this way their is more pressure for clients to consider you over more expensive tutors. Once a parent notices how well you are communicating information with their child, it is always possible to raise your going rate. Once you are confident in your tutoring ability, it is possible to slowly raise your hourly rate every year as the student completes each grade.

(Work out a tutoring strategy that clicks)

One frequently asked question that arises from parents, what do you intend to do and teach in the 2 hours you will be working with their kid. It is best to study up on and knowledge on the latest exam requirements. Figure out what difficulties the child is facing, go over your objectives, and divide time spent on lessons, this way you can cover a variety of subjects in a reasonable time slot. If a child is struggling with math, it might be a good idea to create a worksheet of math equations and have the child take half an hour to do the mock test. This way you can get a better understanding what areas exactly they are struggling or exceeding.

( Set precise, clear terms and conditions )

Setting terms and conditions is something that should be done from the very start, even if you have zero experience in the tutoring field, that doesn't mean parents should step over you and cross boundaries. It is common to come across parents who will try to undercut you on price just because they say other tutoring services are cheaper. Set your personal goals on what you want to make, if parents have a problem with it then as the saying goes, there are plenty of other fish in the sea. If you come across an individual or parent who routinely pay their fees late or constantly reschedule last minute, this would be a good time to just walk away from the situation, it's not worth the headache.

( Qualities in a tutor )

The only requirement an individual needs to become a tutor is knowledge in a subject and a passion for teaching. If you have a clear understanding in a subject and a known working method of teaching, clients should start rolling in. It is best to only take on one or two kids at a time, this way you don't get overworked, you can increase the number as you see fit in time. There are options to teach online or in a social environment, if your a people person with a get it done attitude, working in a social environment might be best for you. If you would rather sit at home in a comfortable space, online tutoring could be exactly what your looking for. There is a tuition centre located abroad, commonly found in Syria and Asia that can help you in your tutoring school carer If you want to cover a wider range of student difficulty's, branch out and take an interest in learning a variety of subjects.